Making a Donation to EARS

We believe that whoever you are and whatever age you are, there will be times when you need the support of someone who is totally on your side. A someone who is only there for you. Someone who will only be listening to what you need and not what others think you need.

We cannot promise that you will get exactly what it is you want or need, but we will be there for you and we will make sure that you are heard, by those you want to listen to you.


Donate By Post

It’s easy to donate by mail. Please send your donation in the form of a cheque or money order to:

EARS Advocacy Service, 14 Ashley Place, Edinburgh, EH6 5PX.


EARS Advocacy Service, 28 Heatherbank, Ladywell, Livingston, Eh54 6EE

If you want to discuss this, please give us a call on 0131 478 8866 or 01506 205 840.


Become a Regular Donor and Donate by Direct Debit

Regular monthly donations via Direct Debit are an easy and practical means of giving. This way of donating enables EARS to plan its work on a more stable basis as we know what support we will be receiving.

If you want to discuss this, please give us a call on 0131 478 8866 or 01506 205 840.


Other Ways to Support to EARS Advocacy Service

  • Leave a gift in your Will
  • Donate in memory of someone who has benefitted from the service